Wanna buy laptop backpacks?

Wanna buy laptop backpacks? You are at the right place at Tigernu. Our laptop backpacks are not just laptop backpacks. Tigernu is punctually at number 1 when it comes to high-quality laptop backpacks. All our backpacks are equipped with anti theft options and are full of the latest gadgets. You can think of backpacks with USB connections up to backpacks that have a cable with which you can secure your bag.

Backpack with laptop compartment

All Tigernu laptop backpacks are equipped with an anti-theft laptop compartment. What does this mean? All our laptop compartments are placed in strategic places so that pickpockets cannot reach or cannot even see them. For example, with certain backpacks, we have placed the laptop compartment at the back of the bag so that it borders the back when worn. The laptop compartment is also made of cut-resistant material so that a thief cannot cut it open with a knife. The material of the laptop compartment is made of oxford material so that the laptop can easily withstand a shock or fall.

Business laptop backpack

A business backpack is well-arranged and functional. For example, a business backpack has a separate compartment for all your things. Think of your laptop, documents, agenda and pens. Our business backpacks are not only very functional, but the design has also been taken into account. Our backpacks all have a professional and neat appearance.

Dimensions laptop backpack

Every laptop backpack has a laptop compartment. And every laptop compartment has its own size. Most of our backpacks are suitable for laptops with a size of 12 inches to 15.6 inches. However, we also offer laptop backpacks up to a size of 17 “. In the description you can read for which laptop size the backpack is suitable. Are you in doubt or do you not know what size your laptop is? Then contact us via contact@tigernu.nl

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