Anti Theft backpacks from Tigernu

Tigernu is the forerunner when it comes to anti theft backpacks. The backpacks from our collection are all anti-theft and equipped with the latest gadgets. This is because the designer from Tigernu thought that a backpack should come on the market in which travelers should feel safe and comfortable. As more than 400,000 pickpockets occur worldwide, it is important that the backpack cannot be opened in any way by unauthorized persons. We have found several solutions for this which you can read below.

What makes Tigernu backpacks anti-theft?

The backpacks from Tigernu have different features to ensure that your backpack is completely anti-theft. Our laptop backpacks have hidden compartments, zippers, cables, locks and cut-resistant material. You can think of compartments that border against the back so that they cannot be opened during wearing. The material from which the Tigernu backpacks are made is cut-resistant, making it impossible to cut the backpack open. Since everyone uses the backpack for a different purpose, we have the ideal backpack with the right options for everyone.

What makes Tigernu backpacks special?

Apart from the fact that the Tigernu laptop backpacks / USB backpacks are anti-theft, the backpacks are also provided with many options. Almost all our backpacks have a USB connection as standard. This allows you to safely charge your mobile phone, tablet or laptop while traveling.

A number of other options that our backpacks offer are:

Protective laptop compartments
Combination locks
Foldable compartments
RFID boxes
Trolley mounting
Reflective stripes
Anti theft cables
Padded shoulder straps
Earplugs openings
Water resistant material

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